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Zero nicotine electronic cigarettes

      E-cigarette without nicotine 

      Smoking is one of the most popular and dangerous man habits. Each year more than 5 million people in the world die from smoking. According to experts, if the number of smokers remain at the same level, this figure will increase rapidly.
      What is the reason of harmful effects of cigarettes on a man? Do you think it's all about nicotine? In fact , this is not entirely true. Other substances of tobacco products have no less of an impact on health. Modern scientists have found that cigarette smoke contains more than 4,000 components. In the process of smoking you consume:  
40-80 carcinogens;
solid and gaseous harmful substances;
combustion products (about 50 % of all substances entering the body).
      Many of the components of the cigarettes are more dangerous than nicotine. They often provoke disturbances in the work of the organs and systems, thereby contributing to the development of various diseases.
        Excluded the probability of entering of these harmful substances the body you avoid the negative effects of smoking. And it needs to give up the habit. But, what if you can't get rid of nicotine dependence? In this case, zero nicotine e-cigarettes helps.
      Modern e-products have already conquered the markets of many countries. Currently, devices are available in several basic types. You can easily find products with:
high nicotine content,
medium nicotine content,
low nicotine content,
zero nicotine content.

      Electronic cigarette contains no harmful component other than nicotine. That's why e-cigarette smoking is a real opportunity to reduce the risk of diseases, including cancer.
    The expression "electronic cigarette without nicotine" at the same time is 100% true, but it is also misleading. Nicotine is related to electronics in the same way as the detergent to the washing machine: very fresh linen can be rinsed without it. Similarly with nicotine: depending on who smokes this cigarette or “vapor” it.
     Liquids, commercially available, differ not only in flavor but also in the concentration of nicotine. Some people need 24 mg/ml, someone enough 18, 12 or 6, while others manage only smell.
     Dosage is calculated very simply. When you "vapor" with an average intensity per day you consume about 2 ml fluid. How much nicotine does smoker's body get for the same time in the normal smoking? Is not difficult to calculate.
     Let's say, a pack of cigarettes is smoked with a total nicotine content of 1.2 mg for a day. The smoker should select a liquid having a concentration of 6 mg/ml in order not to exceed this dose.

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