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How to use an electronic cigarette

Preparation of electronic cigarettes for using:

1. Take the battery of your cigarette by one hand, and remove empty cartridge from the atomizer by twisting motion clockwise by another hand. 2. Unpack a new cartridge. Remove a safety cap. 3. Put a new cartridge on the atomizer-spray by twisting motion clockwise.

A method of smoking
Your e-cigarette is fully automatic device. Once you take the first puff, the process of "smoking" begins. Using try to keep your electronic cigarette in a horizontal position. Be sure to take breaks between puffs, it takes time for supplying fluid to the atomizer. If you take more than 10 puffs per minute, what corresponds to a dose of nicotine of a conventional cigarette, e-cigarette will give a signal - 10 blinkings of an indicator and stop to produce steam for a while. Your e-cigarette has built-in self-cleaning function. When the number of puffs reach 1,500, an cigarette's indicator will start glowing continuously for 6 seconds, signaling about launching of self-cleaning process by processor.

Battery replacement
When the lithium battery is completely discharged, the cigarette will tell you about it by continuous indicator's blinking – 30 times. You should charge the battery.

Nicotine cartridge replacement
If the amount of smoke becomes less, replace the cartridge with a new one.

Battery charging
1. Lock the battery in charger, twisting it clockwise. 2. Lock the charger's power cord in a plug. 3. The LED on charger should light up in red - this indicates properly battery mounting and ongoing process of it's charging. The average charging time is about 3 hours. 4. Unplug charger from the power source as soon as the indicator turns green completely . Disconnect the battery. It's ready to work.

- Do not use the charger outdoors and in wet environments.
- When traveling, pay attention to the specifics of the local network. Failure to observe may lead to damaging of your device and revocation of the warranty repair.
- Keep the battery away from heat sources.
- To prevent a short circuit, do not allow foreign metal objects contact with the battery terminals.
- Do not take the battery to pieces.
- If the battery becomes depressurized and electrolyte gets on your skin or in your eyes, immediately flush eyes and skin with clean water and consult a doctor.
- If the battery exhales a peculiar smell, or it has changed its color, or is spoiled, etc., turn off the power and disconnect the battery from the charger.
- Keep charged batteries in a dry place at room temperature.

- By the primary using discharge a cigarette completely.
- Do not gnaw or chew nicotine cartridge.
Handling precautions
 It cannot be allowed to drop your electronic cigarette. This can cause device's damage and void your warranty repair.

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Familiarity with e-cigarettes

      Any e- cigarette consists of three parts. The first part is a power supply device (a battery). The second is a device for generating steam (an atomizer). The third is a device for supplying liquid to the atomizer (a cartridge). Classic electronic cigarette has the first part (a battery) in the form of classic cigarette (the part that contains tobacco), the third part (a cartridge with liquid) is made in the form of an ordinary cigarette filter, and the second part (an atomizer) connects the first and the third together. The atomizer is screwed into the battery on one side, and it is worn cartridge on the other side. Thus atomizer is hidden from prying eyes.

      The liquid which makes steam in the electronic cigarette has the following composition: propylene glycol and/or glycerin, liquid nicotine, food flavoring. All these components can not be considered harmless, but the amount of noxious substances emitted in the process of vaporization is much less than in process of smoking ordinary cigarettes, so most people started to smoke only e-cigarettes test all of the positive effects of "quitting smoking" by themselves.

     Electronic cigarette batteries can be automatic or manual (mechanical). Automatic battery is equipped with LED, which lights during the "inhalation" and emulates smoldering tobacco, and a chip with a pressure sensor that works when the user begins to inhale while the LED is switching on and the voltage is supplied to the atomizer.  

     Atomizer is the main part of the electronic cigarette. Vapor is generated in the atomizer. "Atomizer" originate from the word "atomize", ie "split into atoms." In other words - spray. There are different models of atomizers, but all have the same principle of operation.

     Nichrome coil wound around the fiber silica wick is inside the atomizer. Wick with the coil are in a ceramic bowl. A metal axle protecting the wick and coil from mechanical damages and at the same time providing contact between atomizer and cartridge is above the wick. Axle, ceramic bowl and the ends of the wick are wrapped with metafoam (metal sponge). An insulated contact is in the bottom of the case. Positive contact is adjacent to it outside. Negative contact of battery is made close on the case. Nichrome coil is connected with the case and plus contact by wires.

     Electronic cigarette - it is primarily the atomizer. You can bind almost any atomizer to any battery with the help of adapters.

    Electronic cigarette cartridge consists of a plastic cigarette holder, in which the capsule with padding polyester soaked in liquid is located.
    Original cartridges contain, for instance, the following flavors: tobacco, cherry, grapes, menthol, Marlboro, etc. The model's range is constantly updated and improved.  

      How does the electronic cigarette works?

     Electronic cigarette is a revolution in the history of smoking. Novelty uses microelectronic atomization technology, based on the physical production of an aromatic vapor that contains pure nicotine. If you inhale, air-pressure sensor triggers, the battery supplies a voltage up to the microprocessor, which measures differential pressure created by lungs, and supplies the necessary amount of electric power to the atomizer and the light indicator on the basis of the data. Evaporator, using the air and an originally formulated cartridge liquid, creates a vapor, consisting of tiny drops. This safe vapor containing a concentration of the nicotine that corresponding with cartridge type, just what the smoker inhales.

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Zero nicotine electronic cigarettes

      E-cigarette without nicotine 

      Smoking is one of the most popular and dangerous man habits. Each year more than 5 million people in the world die from smoking. According to experts, if the number of smokers remain at the same level, this figure will increase rapidly.
      What is the reason of harmful effects of cigarettes on a man? Do you think it's all about nicotine? In fact , this is not entirely true. Other substances of tobacco products have no less of an impact on health. Modern scientists have found that cigarette smoke contains more than 4,000 components. In the process of smoking you consume:  
40-80 carcinogens;
solid and gaseous harmful substances;
combustion products (about 50 % of all substances entering the body).
      Many of the components of the cigarettes are more dangerous than nicotine. They often provoke disturbances in the work of the organs and systems, thereby contributing to the development of various diseases.
        Excluded the probability of entering of these harmful substances the body you avoid the negative effects of smoking. And it needs to give up the habit. But, what if you can't get rid of nicotine dependence? In this case, zero nicotine e-cigarettes helps.
      Modern e-products have already conquered the markets of many countries. Currently, devices are available in several basic types. You can easily find products with:
high nicotine content,
medium nicotine content,
low nicotine content,
zero nicotine content.

      Electronic cigarette contains no harmful component other than nicotine. That's why e-cigarette smoking is a real opportunity to reduce the risk of diseases, including cancer.
    The expression "electronic cigarette without nicotine" at the same time is 100% true, but it is also misleading. Nicotine is related to electronics in the same way as the detergent to the washing machine: very fresh linen can be rinsed without it. Similarly with nicotine: depending on who smokes this cigarette or “vapor” it.
     Liquids, commercially available, differ not only in flavor but also in the concentration of nicotine. Some people need 24 mg/ml, someone enough 18, 12 or 6, while others manage only smell.
     Dosage is calculated very simply. When you "vapor" with an average intensity per day you consume about 2 ml fluid. How much nicotine does smoker's body get for the same time in the normal smoking? Is not difficult to calculate.
     Let's say, a pack of cigarettes is smoked with a total nicotine content of 1.2 mg for a day. The smoker should select a liquid having a concentration of 6 mg/ml in order not to exceed this dose.

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Electronic Cigarette User Manual

Electronic Cigarette User Manual
Everyone has something of a little child - a tireless researcher of the surrounding world, who holds an interest in understanding "why and what for" on their own, and not through the explanations of others.
And so it is understandable why many instruction manuals for a variety of devices are just browsed through or remain read at high speed. Electronic cigarette user manual is no exception. It is interesting to try out new sensations on your own as soon as possible and finally start to live without cigarettes.
But even a brief educational program on the use of electronic cigarettes is needed. Firstly, it is quite an intricate product, and secondly, it has a fixed durability that is better not to test.

General requirements for storage
Thus, any electronic cigarette users guide warns users that cigarette requires a certain storage conditions. These should be highlighted:
  • do not store electronic cigarette in places where they can get direct sunlight, moisture, various liquids, as well as at temperatures above 140°F;
  • store electronic cigarette back-set to prevent accidental activation, and untimely discharge of the battery;
  • electronic cigarette should not be near the sources of magnetic fields, which can damage the cigarette microchip;
  • it is not recommended to store and carry a cigarette next to metal objects. Their contact with the cigarette body can cause a short circuit with the failure of an electronic device or its battery;
  • maintenance of electronic cigarette should be conducted only when the power supply is off;
  • keep out electronic cigarettes and its components out of the reach of children
    General terms of use
In order to start using electronic cigarette and do it right, electronic cigarette user manual is also necessary.
This is what it is recommended in it for the majority of similar products - electronic cigarettes.
  • electronic cigarette can be used only with the original cartridges designed for a particular cigarette model;
  • it should be remembered that on using of cartridges with nicotine, the amount of nicotine receiving from electronic cigarette is slightly higher than on smoking conventional cigarettes, so the quantitative content of nicotine in the cartridge must be below the usual cigarette strength;
  • cartridge contents should not fall on the oral mucosa - this is possible if you smoke a cigarette in a lying position, that is if you hold it upright, the LED upward;
  • there should be from 1 to 3 minutes interval between puffs, depending on the model of cigarette, as at this time a liquid from cartridge should reach steam generator, and it should be warmed up and ready for steam generation ("smoke");
  • you should not smoke electronic cigarette often, longer and do much deeper inhalations compared to smoking regular cigarettes. Functions of the cigarettes are programmed at optimum efficiency and such efforts will not lead to the expected result, but only shorten the cigarette life and its removable cartridges;
  • like an regular cigarette, electronic cigarettes are not allowed to use during driving, as well as where smoking in fact is unethical process (at a theater, ceremonies , etc.);
  • electronic cigarette is the item for personal use. For personal hygiene and infection safeguard it should not be passed to others. 
    Almost any electronic cigarette users guide contains these guidelines, but it is better to read more accurate technical and operational aspects in the document attached to purchase. And who knows maybe it is a careful reading instruction will be the first step towards quitting smoking?