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How to use an electronic cigarette

Preparation of electronic cigarettes for using:

1. Take the battery of your cigarette by one hand, and remove empty cartridge from the atomizer by twisting motion clockwise by another hand. 2. Unpack a new cartridge. Remove a safety cap. 3. Put a new cartridge on the atomizer-spray by twisting motion clockwise.

A method of smoking
Your e-cigarette is fully automatic device. Once you take the first puff, the process of "smoking" begins. Using try to keep your electronic cigarette in a horizontal position. Be sure to take breaks between puffs, it takes time for supplying fluid to the atomizer. If you take more than 10 puffs per minute, what corresponds to a dose of nicotine of a conventional cigarette, e-cigarette will give a signal - 10 blinkings of an indicator and stop to produce steam for a while. Your e-cigarette has built-in self-cleaning function. When the number of puffs reach 1,500, an cigarette's indicator will start glowing continuously for 6 seconds, signaling about launching of self-cleaning process by processor.

Battery replacement
When the lithium battery is completely discharged, the cigarette will tell you about it by continuous indicator's blinking – 30 times. You should charge the battery.

Nicotine cartridge replacement
If the amount of smoke becomes less, replace the cartridge with a new one.

Battery charging
1. Lock the battery in charger, twisting it clockwise. 2. Lock the charger's power cord in a plug. 3. The LED on charger should light up in red - this indicates properly battery mounting and ongoing process of it's charging. The average charging time is about 3 hours. 4. Unplug charger from the power source as soon as the indicator turns green completely . Disconnect the battery. It's ready to work.

- Do not use the charger outdoors and in wet environments.
- When traveling, pay attention to the specifics of the local network. Failure to observe may lead to damaging of your device and revocation of the warranty repair.
- Keep the battery away from heat sources.
- To prevent a short circuit, do not allow foreign metal objects contact with the battery terminals.
- Do not take the battery to pieces.
- If the battery becomes depressurized and electrolyte gets on your skin or in your eyes, immediately flush eyes and skin with clean water and consult a doctor.
- If the battery exhales a peculiar smell, or it has changed its color, or is spoiled, etc., turn off the power and disconnect the battery from the charger.
- Keep charged batteries in a dry place at room temperature.

- By the primary using discharge a cigarette completely.
- Do not gnaw or chew nicotine cartridge.
Handling precautions
 It cannot be allowed to drop your electronic cigarette. This can cause device's damage and void your warranty repair.

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