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Electronic Cigarette User Manual

Electronic Cigarette User Manual
Everyone has something of a little child - a tireless researcher of the surrounding world, who holds an interest in understanding "why and what for" on their own, and not through the explanations of others.
And so it is understandable why many instruction manuals for a variety of devices are just browsed through or remain read at high speed. Electronic cigarette user manual is no exception. It is interesting to try out new sensations on your own as soon as possible and finally start to live without cigarettes.
But even a brief educational program on the use of electronic cigarettes is needed. Firstly, it is quite an intricate product, and secondly, it has a fixed durability that is better not to test.

General requirements for storage
Thus, any electronic cigarette users guide warns users that cigarette requires a certain storage conditions. These should be highlighted:
  • do not store electronic cigarette in places where they can get direct sunlight, moisture, various liquids, as well as at temperatures above 140°F;
  • store electronic cigarette back-set to prevent accidental activation, and untimely discharge of the battery;
  • electronic cigarette should not be near the sources of magnetic fields, which can damage the cigarette microchip;
  • it is not recommended to store and carry a cigarette next to metal objects. Their contact with the cigarette body can cause a short circuit with the failure of an electronic device or its battery;
  • maintenance of electronic cigarette should be conducted only when the power supply is off;
  • keep out electronic cigarettes and its components out of the reach of children
    General terms of use
In order to start using electronic cigarette and do it right, electronic cigarette user manual is also necessary.
This is what it is recommended in it for the majority of similar products - electronic cigarettes.
  • electronic cigarette can be used only with the original cartridges designed for a particular cigarette model;
  • it should be remembered that on using of cartridges with nicotine, the amount of nicotine receiving from electronic cigarette is slightly higher than on smoking conventional cigarettes, so the quantitative content of nicotine in the cartridge must be below the usual cigarette strength;
  • cartridge contents should not fall on the oral mucosa - this is possible if you smoke a cigarette in a lying position, that is if you hold it upright, the LED upward;
  • there should be from 1 to 3 minutes interval between puffs, depending on the model of cigarette, as at this time a liquid from cartridge should reach steam generator, and it should be warmed up and ready for steam generation ("smoke");
  • you should not smoke electronic cigarette often, longer and do much deeper inhalations compared to smoking regular cigarettes. Functions of the cigarettes are programmed at optimum efficiency and such efforts will not lead to the expected result, but only shorten the cigarette life and its removable cartridges;
  • like an regular cigarette, electronic cigarettes are not allowed to use during driving, as well as where smoking in fact is unethical process (at a theater, ceremonies , etc.);
  • electronic cigarette is the item for personal use. For personal hygiene and infection safeguard it should not be passed to others. 
    Almost any electronic cigarette users guide contains these guidelines, but it is better to read more accurate technical and operational aspects in the document attached to purchase. And who knows maybe it is a careful reading instruction will be the first step towards quitting smoking?

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