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The best electronic cigarette

Tell me "What is the best electronic cigarette?" 

     This question become boring to the consultants in any tobacco store. Every second buyer asks the question: "What is the best one? I need the coolest cigarette!".
      First of all, there is no ideal electronic cigarette!
     The same situation as regards cars, TVs, computers and so on. Each model has its pros and cons. Also customers' requests are always different. Someone is looking for an electronic cigarette as an inexpensive gift, someone only wants to use it as a tool to quit smoking. Someone likes to smoke a cigarette just for show, somebody who smokes like a chimney does not care about the appearance and size or vice versa "I want a small with taste of menthol. Naturally, specific choice of the e-cigarette will be at each request.
      Secondly, a rating of electronic cigarettes does not exist!
      Many people attempt to find the best electronic cigarettes typing in a search engine "a rating of electronic cigarettes" or "What the best electronic cigarette" and then reading invited papers written by SEO-optimizers with fictional statistics and some "ratings".
     Everything is made in China!
    99% of all electronic cigarettes are manufactured in China. It is a fact. Do not believe it when the box states USA or France, and so on. Look closely - there is certainly a small print named "designed in USA". You may be sure that if the packaging honestly stated China, so it is a good factory-tested product from China. Naturally, there are many so-called mods such as Provari, Lava and so on, which are actually made in the U.S. in limited quantities for pre-order.
     All is not gold that glitters!
     Examining the price tag read carefully the complete set. Surely if the set costs $170 it will be justified by the presence of many additional accessories, chargers, cartridges and other pleasures. A standard set box of electronic cigarettes in standard design in the minimum complete set with 2 batteries should cost about $100, and with 1 battery - $50. So, trying to buy something good do not chase high prices.

     In order to define what an electronic cigarette is best for you you should answer these questions.
  1. The purpose of the acquisition:
    - stop smoking
    - as a gift
    - as a substitute for conventional cigarettes (continue smoking, reducing harm to health)
    - for fun (like a lot of smoke, a lot of flavor )
    - to boast (need a beautiful stylish stick with a light bulb, sometimes blow smoke )
  2. Appearance:
    - the length and the size
    - the color of a cigarette and the indicator (sometimes it even becomes the determining factor in choosing )
  3. Usage:
    - the places where it will be used (at home at the computer, on the street or in a car)
    - availability of affordable places to recharge the batteries during the day
    - how often do you smoke cigarettes, and what it is, what strength and taste
    - what is the availability of supplies in your region
    - what is more important - cartridges or fill fluid (comfort or economy).

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