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Electronic cigarette
is an electronic device that looks like a conventional cigarette. It allows to simulate the process of smoking. Packaging of electronic cigarettes includes a removable cartridge and a charger.
     A battery and tiny steam generator are installed in the case of a cigarette. The entire mechanism starts working as soon as you make a puff.
    The steam containing a dose of nicotine is generated in a smoking process. A puff of vapor delivers nicotine to the lungs. An electronic cigarette is equipped with LED, visually simulating a tobacco's smoldering.
     Strength and taste depend on electronic cigarette filters in which both contain nicotine and flavoring agents. You can easily unscrew the filters from the main case and replace them. One filter is equivalent to 15-50 cigarettes.

     Starting to smoke an electronic cigarette, a person experiences positive effects: disappearance of the smell of smoke out of his mouth and hands, overall health improvement, relief from shortness of breath. Also a pros of an electronic cigarette is the ability to smoke where it is forbidden - it does not burn and smell.
     An electronic cigarette does not contain tar and combustion products, i.e. it is less harmful than regular cigarettes, and smoking of electronic cigarettes doesn't cause a teeth yellowing, and skin does not become rough and age as from regular cigarettes.
     After switching to electronic cigarettes you are not going to refuse the habit of smoking, but there is only a psychological dependence on a new type of smoking.  
     You won't be succeed in money saving. Often a person starts to smoke even more often because of the awareness of alleged harmlessness of this habit. 
     An electronic cigarette is not certified by the WHO, and no large-scale studies of this device were carried out. Neither cartridges or cigarettes are not subject to compulsory certification.
     Propylene glycol is a part of a liquid composition, the evaporation of which simulates cigarette smoke. It can cause allergic reactions and even block smoker's breath.
     Electronic cigarettes are:  
  • Classical (consist of 3 parts: a battery, a steam generator (atomizer), a cartridge);
  • of New generation (composed of 2 parts: a battery, a cartomizer (a steam generator + a cartridge))
     Classic electronic cigarettes
    All electronic cigarettes consist of an actuator, a microprocessor, a cartridge, an airflow sensor, a smoking simulator (LED at the end of the battery) and the battery located in a case. They are made in the form of different cigarettes and pipes.
    By visual demonstration the electronic cigarette is composed of three parts: a battery, an atomizer and a cartridge. Let's look at the recommendations on the use of each part of an electronic cigarette.
     A classic electronic cigarette deviсe
     A battery is a lithium-ion storage battery. The size of an electronic cigarette is directly related to the capacity of the battery. The bigger it is, the longer you can use the device without recharging.
      A vaporizer (atomizer) is designed for evaporation of a liquid from a cartridge.
     A cartridge is a plug-in component made of plastic. There is a polyester wadding impregnated with nicotine liquid inside the cartridge. After the liquid is consumed, the cartridge must be replaced with a new one or charged with the liquid.
     In order to start smoking, you need to make a puff. Special device inside the cigarette responds to this process and gives a signal to an atomizer which converts nicotine into a vapor in the cartridge. In order to smoke a normal cigarette, you need to make an average of 14-16 puffs. You are recommended to smoke an electronic cigarette in this rhythm. Repeated smoking is allowed only in half an hour, maximum after 16 puffs.
     A steam generator or an atomizer creates a steam, using the surrounding air and a cartridge filler. It also forms a process of smoldering of an electronic cigarette due to red light bulbs located at the tip of the battery.
     Battery charging
     The battery is charged with the work of entire system. In order to always use an electronic cigarette the battery must be kept in a charged state. If you need to recharge the battery, you should unscrew it (counter-clockwise) and then insert in the battery charger.
     Safety precautions 
  • Electronic cigarettes should not be exposed to direct sunlight,
  • People who have a hypersensitivity to the components of an electronic cigarette need to use cartridges with a minimum content of nicotine, or even without it,
  • Do not let a liquid contained in the cartridge be on the lips or tongue,
  • Avoid direct contact of the charged battery with any metal objects, it may lead to the closing.

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